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Inventory Management with Zaracart

Inventory management is a vital aspect of running an eCommerce business. Efficient inventory management ensures you have the right amount of stock at the right time. It prevents overstocking and understocking, leading to better cash flow management. Zaracart simplifies inventory management, ensuring your business operates smoothly.

Zaracart’s inventory management system allows you to add products and input the quantity of items you have in stock. The system then keeps track of the inventory, automatically adjusting the count as products are sold. If an item runs out of stock, Zaracart automatically updates its status to ‘Out of Stock’, preventing further sales and maintaining customer trust.

For businesses that offer product variations, such as different sizes, colors, or other attributes, Zaracart’s inventory management system can accommodate these as well. Each variant can have its own SKU, price, and inventory count, making it easy to manage a diverse range of products.

Additionally, Zaracart includes a stock alert feature. You can set a threshold for each product, and when the stock count drops below this threshold, Zaracart will send you a notification, alerting you to restock. This ensures you never miss out on a sale due to lack of inventory.

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