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Zaracart Order Management

From deep discounts on shipping to centralized order management


With Zaracart, offering discounts to your customers has never been easier. Set up seasonal sales, promotional codes, and quantity discounts in just a few clicks. Create unique discount codes to track the success of your marketing campaigns.

Returns & Refunds

Manage returns and refunds smoothly with Zaracart's built-in features. Our system allows you to process returns, issue refunds, and communicate with customers effectively, ensuring a positive shopping experience for your customers.

Inventory Management

Stay on top of your stock levels with Zaracart's intuitive inventory management system. Receive low stock alerts, automatically update product availability, and manage your inventory across multiple channels, all from a single dashboard.

Shipping Tracking

Enhance your customers' shopping experience by providing them with real-time shipping tracking. Zaracart's system integrates with all major carriers, allowing your customers to track their orders from dispatch to delivery

Shipping Labels

Easily generate and print shipping labels for all major carriers directly from your Zaracart dashboard. Our platform supports both domestic and international shipping labels, helping you to streamline your fulfillment process and save time.

More Powerful Features

In addition to these, Zaracart offers numerous other features designed to make managing your online store as easy and efficient as possible. From customer relationship management to analytics and reporting, Zaracart has you covered.

Say goodbye to selling issues

Increase profitability by optimizing your inventory with ZaraCart. Know what products you have on the way from suppliers, what’s running low in stock, and what products you have plenty of to sell.

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